COVID-19 Resource Center

The sudden global spread of Covid-19 brings challenges to our normal life and have also significant impact on our clients' business; their employees, contracts with customers, suppliers, consumers, regulatory issues and relationships with overseas companies, among others.
To stay close in these challenging times we have created this microsite, organized by themes, which contains updated legal information to bring you a high level approach to the most relevant topics currently affected. 

Public Health Emergency 

Coronavirus Emergency  Updated 03/12/2020

General and Preventive Isolation - Exceptions - Authorization for circulation

Decree 605/2020 - Social Preventive and Mandatory Distancing / Social, Preventive and Mandatory Quarantine Updated 7/23/2020
SOCIAL, PREVENTIVE AND MANDATORY QUARANTINE - Measures arranged for Chaco, General Roca department of the Province of Rio Negro, city of Neuquén, AMBA and CABA Updated 6/29/2020
Preventive and Mandatory Social Distancing - Regime applicable to certain jurisdictions Updated 6/29/2020
Decree 576/2020 - Extension of social, preventive and mandatory quarantine Updated 6/29/2020
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Employment and Social Security

Extension of the prohibition of dismissals and suspensions - Decree No. 487/2020 Actualizado 29/5/2020

ANSES - Suspension of the Procedure to Update the Life Faith Certificate for Retirees and Pensioners Updated 03/23/2020
Employment Practical Issues Updated 03/20/2020

Abscences, licenses, remote work and sanitary precautions Updated 03/18/32020

Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production

Emergency Assistance Program to Labor and Productions (ATP) - Complementary Salary - Resolution No 408/2020 of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security Actualizado 18/5/2020

Emergency Assistance Program to Labor and Productions - Administrative Decision No. 702/2020 Actualizado 7/5/2020

Assistance Program to Labor and Production - Evaluation and Monitoring Committee - Administrative Decision 516/2020 APN - JMG - Recommendations Actualizado 23/4/2020

Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production Actualizado 01/4/2020

Utilities / Public Services

Postal services - Notifications without holographic signature - Precautions for the personnel affected to the distribution or home delivery Updated 3/27/2020
Gas - Distribution and transportation service providers - Customer Service  Updated 3/27/2020
Edenor - Edesur - Attention schemes Updated 3/25/2020
Abstención de corte de servicios por falta de pago (only available in Spanish)  Updated 3/25/2020
ENARGAS Updated 3/20/2020
ENRE  Updated 3/20/2020

Commercial and Contract Matters 

Resolution No. 195/2020 - Ministry of Tourism and Sportsnts Updated 05/18/2020
Rents – Suspension of eviction – Extension of agreements – Modifications to the payment term Updated 03/30/2020
Price ceiling for massive consumption products Updated 03/30/2020
Critical Supplies AUpdated 03/20/2020
Operating conditions of supermarkets and related businesses  AUpdated 03/20/2020

Guidelines to Contractual Issues Updated 03/20/2020

Financial Services and Capital Markets

Secured PyMES CNV - Argentine Natinoal Securities Commission Updated 5/7/2020
Extension in the suspension of the closing of accounts, disqualification and application of fines for bounced checks and in the requirement to credit institutions that employers do not owe amounts for payments and/or contributions Updated 5/7/2020
Capital Markets. Trusts Updated 04/23/2020
Operation of Financial Entities Updated 04/3/2020
Constitution of the specific allocation fund for the granting of guarantees to facilitate access to credit for Micro, Small and Medium-size Enterprises Updated 01/3/2020
Freezing of mortgage installments – Suspension of foreclosures Updated 03/30/2020
Suspension of Penalties for Check Drawers Rejected Due to Lack of Funds or without Authorization to Overdraw  Updated 03/25/2020
Operation of Financial Institutions Updated 03/25/2020
Regulation of the Operation of Financial Institutions Updated 03/20/2020
CNV Measures Updated 03/20/2020


AFIP fiscal recess extended until May 24, with exceptions Updated 5/18/2020
Special Compensation Regime for dairy products Updated 5/7/2020
Extension of the expiration date to file annual affidavits of the gross income tax - Multilateral Agreement Updated 5/7/2020
The Argentine Tax Authority (AFIP) will not issue precautionary measures for MIPyme until June 30, 2020  Updated 5/7/2020
Implementation of "Zero Rate Credit" Updated 5/7/2020
National Tax Tribunal - Postponement of lockdown - Allocation of submissions by electronic means Updated 4/28/2020
Collection of VAT shall not be applied to imports of critical supplies to prevent COVID-19 from spreading  Updated 4/16/2020
Tax Update Updated 4/2/2020
Tax Update Updated 23/3/2020
Suspension of Terms. Tax Holiday Updated 18/3/2020

Administrative and Judiciary Procedures

Extension of the suspension of the procedural terms of ongoing proceedings in competition, fair trade and consumer protection matters Updated 26/6/2020
Extension of the extraordinary judicial recess Updated 14/5/2020
Judicial news Updated 5/7/2020
Extension of the suspencion of procedural terms of ongoing proceedings in competition, fair trade and consumer protection matters Updated 14/5/2020
Judicial news Updated 5/7/2020
Extension of the suspension of procedural terms of ongoing proceedings in competition, fair trade and consumer protection matters Updated 5/5/2020
Extension of extraordinary judicial recess Updated 4/28/2020
Extension of the extraordinary judicial recess Updated 4/16/2020
Extension of term suspension - General Resolution 11/2020 Updated 3/20/2020
Suspension of Deadlines and Opening Hours Updated 3/20/2020

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Regime Changes Updated 3/23/2020

Data Privacy

COVID - 19 and Data Privacy  Updated 3/23/2020


Telecommunications. Reccomendations for work within the sector Updated 3/23/2020

Environmental Issues

Residuos peligrosos (only available in Spanish) Updated 27/3/2020

Health Entities

Resolution No. 908/2020 - Ministry of Health Updated 05/18/2020
Foreign trade: measures to guarantee the supply of critical medical supplies Updated 05/11/2020
Export permit Updated 02/28/2020
Suspension of anti-dumping resolutions and requests for information  Updated 31/3/2020
Critical sanitary supplies - Determination, manufacturing, commercialization and promotion  Updated 04/3/2020
Formalities at a Distance Platform Updated 03/27/2020
Obligation of physicians and health authorities to report COVID-19 cases Updated 01/4/2020
Implementation of the use of teleassitance platforms Updated 04/01/2020
Prescription of pharmaceutical drugs Updated 02/4/2020

Domestic trade

Price ceiling for massive consumption products Updated 5/18/2020
Price ceiling Updated 4/23/2020
Maximum Prices in the Procurement Procedure for Goods and Services Updated 4/16/2020

Autonomous city of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Province

COVID - 19 Webinars Cycle 

Las relaciones laborales ante la emergencia sanitaria y económica Available only in Spanish
COVID - 19 y contratos - Herramientas legales y aspectos prácticos Available only in Spanish
Impacto del COVID - 19 en la regulación y práctica tributaria en Argentina Available only in Spanish

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